- Original, mysterious, usually denoting strength, elegance, and prestige. Although concealed, yet not hidden, Black is powerful and attractive, known for the depth of the unknown and creation itself.
- Synonymous with balance and sophistication, Grey is neutral to any side being mellow and centric. A cool feeling of composure, relief to compromise and mark the moment of transition. Grey submits the intensity of any intention into understanding.
- A bright projection of encouragement, clarity and reflection, White measures the uplifted. Refreshing desire, direction, and determination, White enlightens the will to culminate, cultivate, and cleanse your inner ease.
- An exodus of kindness to nurture the nature of love and care, Pink can manifest a positive feeling of comfort. Sensitivity to sensations and thoughtfully reminded the mind that Pink is an attribution and expression of compassion and affection.
- The start of recognition, motivation, movement and involvement with excitement, Red stimulates powerful wishes and manifests dreams. Energizing strength and application to action, Red fuels the fire of drive and ambition.
- A trusted sign of stability and practicality, Brown secures the sense of being dependable. Fortified, reliable, and wholesome, Brown suppresses unnecessary tension, eases stress, and balances disorder.
- Radiating warmth, joy, and optimism, Orange invigorates spontaneity and the emotional courage to sensibly overcome challenges. A symbol of rejuvenation, elevation, and pleasure to feel fulfilled.
- Illumination of the mind producing clarity and a greater sense of perception, Yellow increases focus and confidence. Giving shine its brilliance, resonating enthusiasm, heighten mental faculties, and the power to awaken balance.
- Balance of all creative energy, magnified potentiality and growth, Green promotes generosity, regeneration, and observes matters of the heart. Green emanates the natural, signal of new or change, abundance, vital prosperity, and inspired devotion.
- Elevation and entrance into the heavens of self-expression, Blue is majestic, regal, and a mark of wisdom. The solution to insecurity, enabling flexibility, contemplation, and communication. Blue sets the scene serene for acceptance and tolerance.
- Encouraging insight, inspiration, and imagination, Purple broadens awareness, enhances relief, and maximizes internal fulfillment. Purple deals with the creative realm, advancing the vibrancy of consciousness, originality, and independence.
- Color coherence gives perception its splendor, Spectrum can be classified as magnificence between extremes. Experienced amidst the canvas of the grand painter, Spectrum is comprehension, cooperation, and completion viewed equally.