Despite the challenges daily life can offer, it is important to remember how you treat yourself matters. Your wonderful mind & beautiful heart deserve a special kind of treatment. The power of hue.


The good power hues of color are sensational & transformational. Color empowers the natural radiant, vibrant, & magnetic essence of every hueman being’s spectrum of expression. A phenomenon of various vibrations reflecting & refracting through a medium like water. Effecting our eyes, stimulating how we feel, it equally fills us with the attributes of their nature. Like waves of the ultimate substance, BeAdmired infuses radiance, vibration, & magnetism into positive intention with maximum effort placed in every design. A bandwidth of frequencies as brilliant colorful bands, highlighting the quality of precious gemstones & many other dazzling materials, BeAdmired is “An Impression Beyond Attraction,” captivating the imagination & resonating accentuation.


The mystical kingdom where reality is visionary or spiritual as much as physical & geographic. In the see of wonder called life, the root of goodness is at the height of exuberance & hueman brilliance. Shamballa, meaning “elevated candle,” is the light of the world & a kingdom set on a hill cannot be hid. Wearing Shamballa on your wrist signifies the light, right at the top of the hill within ourselves. We seek to peak even with the sound we speak.


Sound. Everything is in motion & radiates with vibration as persistent waves of magnetic energy. Energy itself is formless, yet is able to transform at will. Shamballa can be found here & now. Hear the sound & see the sea of colors not only as energy, but as music. The music is in hue.


Mana has been defined in many cultures as universal energy or power. In Pacific cultures, it is identified as power, prestige, respect. In the Bible, “manna from heaven” nourished the souls of the Israelites. As his name suggests, Mana Wiles is himself an abundant force of nature. Driven by this concept that connects us all, Mana sees the power and influence of this universal energy in every aspect of life. He believes all is vibration.